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An alphabatical overview of my own game reviews.

Recently added reviews:

Rosenkoenig (4K) Torres (5K)

In this list the title is mentioned, followed by the number of players who can play it. For playernumbers between brackets is an expansion necessary. If the game isn't a standard boardgame, it's also mentioned. If a game has more titles, it will have more entries in this list. The valuation system is explained at the bottom of this page. For some games I've put information about the components, without a review.

If you can read Dutch, you can find A LOT MORE reviews on my Dutch site.

Every review is provided with a face, which show my valuation for the game:

Positive. I like this game a lot and like to play it. This can be because of the gamesystem which provides a tense game, but also if it's pure fun to play. Neutral. A nice game, but not very special. It's nice to play it once in a while. But it doesn't have the attraction to play it often. Negative. I don't like this game. I'd rather play something else instead. Everyone has his own taste. The game can be too easy or boring, or perhaps has to much deciding elements of luck. Unknown. I haven't played this game or haven't played it enough to give an opinion. Soon the face expression will change...


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