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Title: Cluedo / Clue

Producer: Clipper
Number of players: 2 to 6

Cluedo / Clue


A gameboard with a map of the building, 6 pawns, 2 dice, 6 murderweapons, detective note-books, 1 special envelope, 6 suspect-cards, 6 murderweapon-cards and 9 chamber-cards.

"You are one of the guests. Outside it's raining, inside the guests are making fun and dancing, not knowing the horrible murder taking place somewhere in the building. The victim is Dr.Black, the owner of the house. The butler discovers the body when he descends into the cellar to get some wine. The body was placed there to hide the real place of the murder. The guests decide to solve the crime by their own instead of going public with it. They know one of them is the murderer..."


game components

The goal: Try to find out who committed the murder, with what weapon and in which chamber.

The murder: 3 Cards will be placed unseen in the envelop, a suspect (the murderer), a murderweapon and a chamber. The players try to find out which cards were placed in the envelop and so solving the case.

Suspicion: Each turn the players walk through the building with their pawns and the dice. When they enter a room, they can announce a suspicion. [For example: I suspect that Mrs. Scarlett killed Dr. Black in the ballroom with the gun.] The player on the left has to show (to the player who made the suspicion) a card showing 1 of the three things in the suspicion to contradict it. When he cannot show a card, the next player has to show it, and so on. Now it is the next player who can make a suspicion. Everytime you see a card, you can write it in your note-book.

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Mrs. Scarlett - in the ballroom - with the gun

Accusation: When a player thinks to know who killed Dr. Black, with what weapon and in which chamber, he can do an accusation. He writes down his accusation and checks the cards in the envelope. If he is correct, he wins the game, but if it's wrong, he loses and is out of the game. All he can do now is show cards to the other players when asked.

The end: As soon as there is a winner, of if everybody makes the wrong accusation, the game is over.

Valuation: A nice game for the whole family. At first sight it looks easy, just announcing some suspicions and finally making an accusation. But when you play it more often, you notice that you can learn from the other suspicions too ! You cannot see the cards other people show, but you know the 3 possibilities. And when you own one of them, there are only 2 possibilities. And when you saw one of them from another person, you know what card is shown ! Don't play this game too often, otherwise it will get a bit monotonous. Nice.

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Drs. Green - in the billiardroom - with the pick-lock

Strategy: There are some hints I can give you. The first one is obvious. Try to make as many suspicions as possible. When you are heading for a chamber you can't reach this turn, go to another one to make a suspicion. Furthermore you can make a suspicion from which you have 2 cards in your hand. In this way you can look for a specific card and put the other players on a wrong track. It is important to keep track of which card you showed to which player. Sometimes there is a suspicion announced from which you have 2 or more cards and so it is important to know which card you already showed to the other player. This will slow him down. And when one of the other players is heading for a specific chamber, don't hesitate to use him in your next suspicion. In this way his pawn is moved to your chamber and it will take a while before he is in the wanted chamber.


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