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This homepage is made because of my enthousiasm for games. All opinions on these pages are my own opinion, unless stated otherwise. All the links are informative only. I have no exertion with the pages they refer to, so I cannot take responsibility for their contents. The copyright of the names and pictures on my pages belong to their rightful owners. If there is a name, picture or information on these pages which does not belong here, please let me know, so I can remove it. If you want to use information from my pages, I appreciate a message and mentioning the source. I try to keep the information on these pages as timely as possible, but I can't guarantee that. If I have new information, I will place it as soon as possible, within a few days if possible. Reviews of games can take a lot longer. Lots of fun and if you have questions or compliments, they are welcome.

[The translation of Spelmagazijn is Gamestorehouse.]

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