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Title: Manitou
GŁnter Burkhardt
Number of players: 2 to 4


For every player 22 indians and furthermore 7 robbercards and 15 buffalocards with different values.


a buffalo with value 5

The goal: Try to catch as many buffaloskins as possible with your hunters and catch as many hunters as possible with your warriors. There will be 3 huntingparties. In each hunt there are 3 huntinggrounds, in which buffalocards are placed. When the values of the buffalocards are revealed, every places chooses a team of 8 warriors and hunters which take part in the hunt. The player who plays last may only choose 7 indians. The chosen indiancards are shuffled for each player and placed in a pile. Every player gets the upper 3 indians. Now after each other the players play a card and take a new one. When every player has played 7 cards, the hunting is over.


a blue hunter with value 3

Huntinggrounds: When it's your turn, you place an indian at one of the huntinggrounds. These indians are placed face-up, so everyone can see the value. If you play a warrior and there is already a warrior at that huntingground, there will be a fight.

Warrioirs: Every tribe has 10 warriors, devided in 2 chiefs, 2 medicinemen, 2 rainmakers, 2 scouts and 2 squaws. The chiefs win every battle, except from the squaw. The squaw loses every batlle, except from the chief. Every other warrior can win from one of the other warriors and from the squaw. At fights it's already clear who will win the fight. When both warriors are the same, they both lose. The losers are placed face-down. When a player has 2 warriors, you can only fight the second warrior when the first one is beaten.


a green scout

Accounting: When the hunt is over, the points are calculated. The player with the greatest total amount of hunters is accused of being a skinrobber and gets 10 penaltypoints. Then every huntingground is checked. The player with the highest score earns the buffalo with the highest value in that ground. If there is another buffalo, it goes to the second best. If there is a tie, nobody wins that buffalo. At the end every face-up warriors catches all the hunters and face-down warriors on that ground. The remaining hunters and warriors return to their tribes.

Now it's time for the next hunt. The starting player of the last hunt, will be the last player in this hunt (and chooses only 7 indians).


a red chief

The end: As soon as 3 huntingparties are over, it's time for the final calculation. Every buffalo is worth it's value. Every captured hunter and warrior is 1 point. The robbercards are 10 penaltypoints. The player with the highest score, is the winner of this hunting season.

Valuation: I played the game only with 2 players and that's a bit disappointing. But it looks like there are enough tactical possibilities to make it more interesting with more players. I like to try that some time. Satisfactory.

Strategy: To catch buffaloskins you need many hunters. But if you use the most hunters, you get a robbercard and that gives you many penaltypoints. You have to be very careful. If the buffalocards are not that high, it's probably a good idea in the first hunting to start with a lot of warriors. You catch many hunters from the other player and reduce his changes for the other huntingparties. But if your opponent chooses the same tactics, you could lose a lot of your warriors ! And that makes you helpless in the other hunts.

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