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Title: Bluff / Liar's Dice

Number of players: 2 to 6

Bluff / Liar's Dice


A small colourfull gameboard, 6 dicecups and 30 yellow dice, 1 red die.

The goal: As the players take their turn, they raise the previous bid or they question it. The loser has to hand in some dice. The last player to have any dice left, has won the game.


Throwing the dice: All the players throw their dice at the same time, each beneath his own cup. The loser of the last round starts the bidding. He makes a bid on all the dice, but he can only see his own dice. On every dice there are the numbers from 1 to 5 and a star, which acts as a wildcard. The player can bid, for example: "I guess there are at least 5 2's beneath all cups." (This includes all stars too). The next player must make a higher bid, or question the bid.

Make a higher bid: You can only bid higher by raising the number of dice, or the number on the dice. In this case you can bid: "At least 6 2's" or " At least 5 3's". You can also bid on stars alone. In that case they count double. So now you can bid: "At least 3 stars". The bidding is shown on the gameboard with the red playing die.


the gameboard

Question a bid: At a certain moment you don't dare to make a higher bid. In that case you have to question the last bid. Everyone reveals their dice by lifting the cup and the dice are count. There are 3 possibilities:

Everyone throws again with the remaining dice and the player who lost the last round starts the bidding. The less dice you have, the more difficult the guessing will be.

The end: As soon as there is only 1 player left with any dice, he wins the game.

Valuation: An entertaining game, that you can play anytime. It is pure fun and a lot of players can join in. There will be a lot of laughing and the game invites you to another round. Fun !


Variant: In the gamerules there is an extra variant mentioned. In that variant you may, when it's your turn, throw some of your dice again (beneath your cup), providing you place one of the other dice visible outside your cup. This die cannot be thrown again. In this way the number of dice of a special number can be increased and you are not that helpless anymore. I certainly recommend this variant for everyone who has played the game a couple of times !

With the aid of an extra game, you can play it easily with more than 6 players.

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