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Title: Grand Prix
Reiner Knizia
Number of players: 2 to 5

Grand Prix

56 playing cards (divided in 4 categories) and 20 scoringcards

The goal: By creating strong racecars scoring the most racingpoints.

The means: Every player starts with 4 card. In the next 4 rounds he tries to build a competitive racecar by changing his cards. A racecar consists of a coach-work card, a tyre card, an engine card and a driver card. After 4 rounds all the players show their racecar for that race. The strength is the sum of the 4 played cards. The stronger the combination, the higher your finishplace. In case of a tie, the value of the driver decides. Whenever you cannot make a complete car, you cannot take part in that race.


coach-work card

Specials: When your coach-work, tyres and engine have the same value, the combination is worth 21 points, in spite of their original value. Then you add the value of the driver. When your driver is also of the same value, the total combination is worth 28 points.


tyre card

Changing: When it's your turn, you can choose on of the following actions:

  1. Hand in 1 of your cards (visible) and draw 2 new ones. The new cards can be drawn from the visible cards or from the closed pile. The 4 open piles are sorted by their kind.
  2. Keep all your cards and draw 1 new card (from an open or the closed pile)

So every turn you get 1 extra card. After 4 turns you have 8 cards, from which you must build your racecar. The other 4 cards are used in the next round. Whenever you draw a card from one of the open piles, it is allways the top one. From the kind you just handed in 1 of your cards, you cannot draw a new one from that open pile.

Race: At the start of each round as many scoringcards are revealed as there are players. The winner gets the highest card and so on. So every player gets some points, unless you cannot take part in the race.


scoring card

The end: As soon as all scoring cards are used, the racing season is over. The player with the highest total of scoring cards wins the season (and the game).

Valuation: A simple game, but a lot of fun. You must pay attention to the cards the other players take and you have to decide when to use you topcar. So you have to think in this little game. Worth a try !

Remarks: There has been a lot of thoughts about the gamesystem, to give every race a winner. But in the rules they never mention the possibility that 2 players have the same total score at the end of the season. Who has won ? I should say the player with the highest scoring card.

Strategy: I haven't played the game enough to give a real opinion. I can say it plays really different with 2 players, than with 4 or 5. You have to look for the right opportunities to use your biggest cars. So the races with the highest scoringdifferences are important ! Furthermore you have to be very careful in handing in your cards. You'll increase the possibilities for your opponents. But don't hesitate to draw 2 cards once in a while.

Spelmagazijnby Ronald Hoekstra - 1999