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Title: De wraak van Toetanchamon (The revenge of Tutanchamon)

Number of players: 2 to 6

De Wraak van Toetanchamon

A gameboard with a cardtray, 6 x 16 playing cards, 12 cards with a scarabee, 6 barricadecards, 1 'shovel', 50 silver and 20 golden coins. The cards are very decent and have the same size as the cards from the game Targui.


The goal: When the digging place is build by the players, they start digging. As long as a player doesn't encounter a problem he may continue digging (and earning money). He decides when to stop. However when he encounters a problem, he loses all the collected treasures from that turn and has to pay a fine.



The digging place: It consists of an area of 4 x 4 cards. There are 5 layers of ground with a covering layer. The layers are build one by one by the players. On every layer there are treasures and problems. The players haveto remember where they are. When the covering layer is placed, the cardtray is turned around by all the players, when the other players aren't looking. Then the gameboard is placed over the cardtray and the digging can begin.



Digging: With the help of a special sucker the cards can easily be removed from the tray. On every treasure the value is printed. Watch out for the problems, because you lose all the treasures you acquired that turn. You may skip a turn by paying 3 silver coins.



Specials: All players have 2 scarabees. When you use a scarabee, you earn double points that turn (or double fines !). Furthermore each player has a barricadecard. With that card you can prohibite other players of digging on a certain spot. You may dig yourself on that spot the next turn.



The end: When all cards are turned over, or when all players passed their turn, the game is over. The richest player wins the game.

Valuation: A nice variation for memory. A real family game for young and old. You have to depend on your memory and use some tactics during the game. The playing time is rather short, so you can easily play it again in the same evening. Satisfactory.

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