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Title: Switch
Theo Jansma
Producer: Pseudon Producties
Number of players: 2 to 6


16 cards with pictures on both sides, 2 wooden stones, 1 die and a few scoreforms.


The goal: Make all 12 combinations by switching pictures.

The start: The cards are placed in a square of 4 by 4 pictures. All players get 1 minute to memorize the positions. After that, all pictures are turned over and the play begins. The die decides who will start. (That's the only time the die is used in the game).

A switch: On his turn a player can make 1 switch. A switch is changing the place of 2 pictures and also turning them over. The switched cards are marked with the wooden stones. The next player cannot use these cards. If the just switched pictures are part of a combination which the player hasn't formed yet, he can note it on the scoreform.


The pictures with the white arrows are switched.
The pictures with the red arrows form a combination.

A combination: 2, 3 or 4 pictures connecting horizontally and/or vertically make a combination. The goal is to make these 3 combinations of all 4 sports. You can make them by using balls or players, but not together in the same combination. (The sports are golf, tennis, soccer and baseball).

The end: As soon as a player has made all the combinations, he has won the game.

Valuation: It's a variantion on Memory, but it takes a lot more, because of the changing positions. It looks more like Vanished!. It very intens and a hard struggle against your opponents. I've played it with 2 players only so far, but that was nice to do. Only at the end of the game it's a bit messy and you have to choose between trying to win or preventing your opponent from winning. Good.

Strategy: You do not only have to look for combinations you can make, but you also have to prevent the others players to make combinations. If you just made a combination of 3, you leave a good opportunity for the other players to make a combination of 4. A difficult decision ! If you don't know where the missing picture is, then there are some ways to find out. First you know what colour the picture has, because there are allways 2 blue and 2 green pictures. Furthermore has a picture of a ball a player on the backside. Finally you know also that all the players on the backside of a ball are different and also all the balls on the backside of a player. When playing the game with 2 players, you can make moves in 2 turns. First you move a visible picture, which becomes invisible. The next turn you can move this picture to his destination, providing your opponent hasn't ruined this destination.

Variant: Perhaps you can play some kind of Tic-tac-toe on the scoreform. In this way you don't have to make all the combinations, but can already win with 3 combinations. This will shorten the game and make it a bit less intens.

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