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Title: Movies & Money

Number of players: 2 to 4

Movies & Money


A large gameboard with little holes, 25 slide-frames (nicely done), 25 cards, 6 Golden Suns, playing money and 2 special dice.

Goal: Let the other players go bankrupt and win the game.


Preparation: Every player start with 1 million and choses a playing colour. The 25 card are placed facedown on the gameboard. When they are revealed during the game they are placed in a slide-frame. The slide-frame is placed on the gameboard in such a way that the hole in the frame shows the colour of the owner.

Gameturn: Each turn the players throw both dice. These dice determine the place on the board (they show a row and a column). On every die there is also a star, which makes you choose your row/column. If the card in place is still facedown, you can buy it for 10.000. But when you land on a face-up card, you have to pay money. When you land on a face-up card of your own, you can buy a Golden Sun for 20.000, a special award.


a superactrice

Sets: To make a movie succesful, you have to combine cards. All adjacent cards from the same owner form a set. As soon as a player lands on one of them, he has to pay the sum of all the card in that set. A card with a Golden Sun is worth it's double value.


Second phase: When all cards are face-up, the game has reached it's second phase. Now when you throw a star, you can take over cards of other players, provided they are adjacent to one of your own sets. You can also trade with other players to make better movies.

The end: When a player can't pay his debts (by selling all his possessions to the bank), he is out of the game. As soon as one player is left, he has won the game: The King of Hollywood.

Valuation: I haven't been able to play the game right now. The information on the gamebox makes you think you 'actually' have to produce a movie, but that is not the case. In fact it doesn't really matter what is shown on the cards (except for the value). If you buy the game with this expectation, you'll be disappointed. The theme is beautifully shown in the game, but it fits really loose. It looks to me that it's a decent familygame, with a rather large luckfactor. It looks a bit like playing Monopoly on an Acquire style gameboard. This way the game is less static and gives a lot of possibilities to negotiate with the other players. It added some extra tactics to the game. You have to remember it's an elimination-game, so bankrupt players can't play any further. As soon as I've played the game, I will tell more...


Remark: The theme of the game confirms that it is meant for a large audience. Not too difficult, recognizable, nice components. If this is what you are looking for, then it's a nice change between the well-known games. You could say Movies & Money is the countergame of Monopoly, just as Targui is a countergame to Risk. Decide for yourself what feels the best. In both cases the playing time is shorter than the "original' games and that could be an important point.

Thanks to Jumbo for a review copy


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