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Nominations Dutch Toy of the Year

It's not official yet, but at least the following games will be nominated for the Toy of the Year award for age 12+. OnLine by Goliath, The Merchants of Amsterdam by Jumbo, Ra by 999Games and Tikal by Ravensburger.


Dutch championship Monopoly

On September 9th the Dutch championship Monopoly will be played in Almere. The winner wins a trip to the worldchampionship in Toronto.


Jumbo will bring Stratego Legends

In 2001 Jumbo will bring the Dutch translation of Stratego Legends.



Torres is Spiel des Jahres

As expected Torres has won the title Spiel des Jarhes in Germany.


Game Quiz Tower moved

Due to problems with the provider, I had to move the Game Quiz Tower. I haven't updated it though.

Game Quiz Tower


Finalists Spiel des Jahres announced

The finalists for Spiel des Jahres are: Carolus Magnus, Ohne Furcht und Adel and Torres. Remarkable is that a cardgame (Ohne Furcht und Adel) has reached the final. I still think Torres will win.

Spiel des Jahres


Tikal and Lost Cities win Gamers' Choice Award

Tikal has won the first multi-player Gamers' Choice Award. It defeated Ra and Torres. Lost Cities has won the two-player Gamers' Choice Award.

Strategy Gaming Society


Settlers at Mind Sports Olympiad

During the Mind Sports Olympiad in August there will be a Settlers tournament. It will be guided by Mark Stretch. More information game be found on the site of MSO.

Mind Sports Olympiad


Hasbro will produce Cosmic Encounter

Avalon Hill, part of Hasbro, has announced that in fall the new edition of Cosmic Encounter is expected. Furthermore a game about the newest Star Wars movie will be released. It's a game for 2 to 4 players and its called: The Queen's Gambit. They are also working on a new homepage.



Yucata software now also in English

The software with which you can play the Yucata boardgame is now available updated by Tobias Schilgen and complete in English. You can download it from his site.

Tobias Schilgen - Yucata


Nominations for The Gamers' Choice Award

The nominees are published. From these nominees in June the winner will be chosen. In the category general strategy games the nominees are: Chinatown, Mamma Mia, Mit List und Tücke, Ra, Stephenson's Rocket, Die Sternenfahrer von Catan, Tikal, Torres, Union Pacific and Vinci. There is a separate category for two player games: Isi, Kontor, Lost Cities and Schotten Totten. Great lists and a difficult choice. More information about the nomations and the nominees can be found on the Strategy Gaming Society homepage.

Strategy Gaming Society


Sequel to Isi: Morisi

Corné van Moorsel is busy designing a multi-player version of Isi. There are only 4 important changes to the game: 1) More roads of different colors can be built on a connection. 2) In stead of square cards, they will be hexagons. 3) Every player will have houses in his own color. 4) You may only build if it gives you houses in cities. You get points for connecting as much cities as you can, but also for the number of houses in the three biggest cities.

A picture of the prototype:




The Gamer's Choice Awards

Greg Schloesser is as Chairman of the Strategy Gaming Society busy starting up The Gamer's Choice Awards. Each year a number of awards will be awarded by a committee. The members of the committee will be appointed for a number of years and consist of well-known people from the gaming community, such as Mik Svellov (Brett & Board), Herb Levy (Games), Mike Siggins (SUMO Magazine), Stuart Dagger (Counter Magazine), Alan How (Counter Magazine), Andreas Keirat (Luding & experienced reviewer), Greg Aleknevicus (experienced reviewer), Steffan O'Sullivan (experienced reviewer), Ben Baldanza (experienced reviewer), Peter Sarrett (Games Report), Mike Clifford (Counter Magazine), Frank Branham (The Games Dumpster) and Greg Schloesser himself (Westbank Gamers). Some other people have received an invitation too. There are different categories: General Strategy mulitplayer, General Strategy 2-player, Historical Simulation Board Game, Outstanding Service to the Hobby, Outstanding Designer and maybe later some more. The final goal is to reach the level of the gaming prize Spiel des Jahres, but chosen by a group of people respected in the gaming society. Looking at the list of members, the start is well promising.

Strategy Gaming Society - Gamer's Choice Awards


The Merchants of Amsterdam preview

Jumbo is working on a new game from Reiner Knizia: The Merchants of Amsterdam. The game is expected in March 2000. As mentioned earlier the game is based on an auction clock, which counts down. You now can see pictures of the actual game on my homepage.



the auctionclock


Game Quiz Tower refreshed

Recently 30% of the questions in the Game Quiz Tower were refreshed. All the new question refer to the cover of a gamebox. Can you recognize from which game they are when the title has been erased (see example) ? If you think you know a lot about card- and boardgames then try the Game Quiz Tower.

Game Quiz Tower




Dismisses at Hasbro

Last week there were reports of dismisses at Hasbro. This toy-company recently took over Avalon Hill and Wizards of the Coast, but the dismisses seem to take place in other parts of the company. In a few weeks the first renewed products of Avalon Hill will be released: Diplomacy, Acquire and Stratego Legends.



Up Front rereleased

On their website Multi-Man Publishing writes:

Adding to an all-star lineup which already includes the Advanced Squad Leader gaming system, MMP is proud to announce a new contract which will bring the following ‘free agents’ to its roster.

UP FRONT - This WWII squad level card game is currently out of print. Work with prolific gamers/designers Don Hawthorne, Andrew Maly, Ralph Norton and others has been ongoing. We’re pleased to announce plans to issue an updated and revised edition of Up Front. Possibilities for inclusion are; the Finns, Hungarians, Romanians and others. A cleaned up; rewritten (and simplified) rulebook with a step by step approach to teaching the game system. The game as you knew it won’t change, but new artwork should certainly enhance the fun of the best WWII card game ever offered. Plans for a ‘collectible’ card game version are also in the works.

Great to read that the game Up Front from Avalon Hill will be saved. I don't know if I'm happy with the 'collectible' thing, but it's wonderful news that the game will be rereleased.

Multi-Man Publishing



Worldrecord overturning dominotiles

On Friday November 5th 1999 a new worldrecord overturning dominotiles is set by a Dutch team. By overturning 1 tile in total 2,472,480 tiles overturned. There was a live show on Dutch television.



The autioneers of Amsterdam

Next year Jumbo will have a game from Reiner Knizia. It will have a unique countdown auction clock. Of course it will be a trading game. The translated title will probably be 'The auctioneers of Amsterdam'.



Essen 1999

On Friday October 22nd 1999 I went to the gamefair in Essen. There were no big game surprises. It was just nice to be there like the last years and I'm happy with the low game prizes. The games Bus, Wortelboer, Roads & Boats and Dutch Intercity were sold out on thursday already. There were enough copies of the games from the bigger companies. Hans im Glück didn't have a boardgame this year, but only a few cardgames.

Essen 1999 Impression
Essen 1999 Pictures


The Dutch Settlers of Catan is Toy of the Year in the Netherlands (12+)

999Games has won this prize for the second consecutive time. Last year Elfenland won the prize and this year De Kolonisten van Catan. It's a great game that has won prizes in other countries too. This year it had to compete (in the category for age 12 and up) with games like Mindpower from Jumbo and Email-games from Hasbro.

999 Games
Speelgoed van het Jaar


Isi is ready

Corne van Moorsel has 200 copies of Isi and is ready for Essen. The big attraction on stand 1041 will be the Dutch cheese with flags for the first 300 players. If only he had a lady to hand them out... For those who don't know what Isi is: it's a two player game in which the players build roads between different cities. The player who connects the most roads to the capital, wins the game. It's well-designed, looks good and above all, it plays very well.



Spelmagazijn drastic revised

This update was planned at the end of the week, but the news about The Stone made me do it earlier. Not everything is ready yet, but that will be in a few days. The lay-out of this internetsite has changed completely. Everything is more structured and all reviews are placed on one provider. That means that there is no unwanted advertising at the top of the page anymore. The conversion took more time than I thought, but I think it was worth it. Next month I can work on new reviews and keep the news-section up to date.

Ronald Hoekstra


Jumbo brings The Stone !

From about October 18th Jumbo sells The Stone. The Stone comes from Canada and on that part of the world a lot of people are involved with it. The Stone is an ornament, a computergame and a puzzle in one. With the aid of the ornament you can get access to an internetsite on which every two weeks a new puzzle is placed. All the puzzles together form a big meta-puzzle. From every stone there are exactly 2 on the whole world, so somewhere there is your Stone-mate puzzling too. You can buy The Stone in some Dutch shop or you can order it at the Jumbo-internetsite. More information in Dutch can be found on my homepage and I can tell you that the puzzles are rather addictive and certainly worth all the time you put in them.



Hans im Glück

In the newsletter Hans im Glück reports the following new games will be presented in Essen: the cardgames T-Rex, Willi and Dolce Vita. Furthermore the free expansion for El Grande will be available: Grandissimo.

Hans im Glück Verlag



The firm Adlung will bring a lot of new cardgames to Essen. I think there will be some interesting ones between them if you think of Verräter from last year. The new titles are: Bambuti, Dschungel, Lao Pengh, Ocean, Pisa, Puls, Ready to take off, Maskenball Venezia and Nix. Especially the last title should be something special.



Game Quiz Tower

I have designed a new quiz. It is placed on another site. By answering questions about card- and boardgames you move through a tower. Because you don't see if your answer is correct, you don't know if you are going the right way. It's your task to find the treasure (and the exit). To find the quiz, remember: http://go.to/gamequiz. The quiz has had a lot of visitors. On one day even more than on this site. The reactions are rather different. Most visitors find it very difficult, a lot of them think it's great, but also a lot of visitors think it's a waste of time. I don't know what to think about that.

Game Quiz Tower


Games in Essen

The big gamefair in Essen will be in a few weeks. The information is starting to flow about the new games you will see. I'll give a short list: NY Chase from Ravensburger, a sequel to Scotland Yard, 6 Billion from Board not Board Games, for 2 to 5 players, Torres and Alcatraz from FX, both for 2 to 4 players and especially Torres is worth a try, Citadelles van Multisim, Sternenfahrer from Kosmos, the sequel to die Siedler, but in space, Vinci from Eurogames, Andromeda from Abacus, a game for 3 to 5 players from Alan Moon, Corruption from Atlas Games, Formula De USA #1 from Eurogames, new circuits with extended rules. Roads & Boats, Kiek and Bus from Splotter, three multi-player games, Stephenson's Rocket, a new traingame from Reiner Knizia, Banking from Noris, a game from Michael Rüttinger, Die Erben von Hoax, a make-over from the game Hoax by Spielzeit! and Isi and Smart from Cwali, both designed by Corné van Moorsel. Amigo has new cardgames: Spacebeans (in the Bohnanza tradition), König der Elfen (in the Elfenland tradition), Schwein gehabt and Poolparty. Kosmos has again 2 new little 2-player games: Rosenkönig from Dirk Henn and Elchfest from Hermann Huber. And for El Grande there is also some free news from Hans im Glück: Grandissimo. FX Schmid has a balloontrip game: Cloud Nine (2 to 6 players). Doris & Frank will bring their games Ursuppe and the expansion and Igel Ärgern, but also a new cardgame: Zoff im Zoo (3 to 7 players). Goldsieber has a winegame: Vino and Hans im Glück brings T-rex for 3 to 5 players about dinosaurs.


Eurospel moved to 2000

The gamefair which should have been held together with a trainfair, is cancelled for this year. It is moved to next year. The organisation had to little time to organise it properly.



999Games will produce Roborally

999Games announces the Dutch version of Roborally in fall this year. That's good news regarding the fact that Hasbro has bought Wizards of the Coast, what made the future of Roborally unsure.



Hasbro buys Wizards of the Coast

Today I read that Hasbro has bought Wizards of the Coast. Wizards of the Coast is known from the games Magic and Roborally. After buying Avalon Hill, Hasbro shocks the game world by this action. What consequences will this have ?


Worldchampion Stratego

The championship Stratego was played in London. About 50 players from different countries took part. Johnny van Geffen (31, NL) was the best. The second and third place were also for Dutch players: René Helmes and George Franka. If you want to take part in a Stratego tournament, you can come to Café-restaurant Het Badhuis, Javaplein 21 in Amsterdam (NL) on Saturday September 18th. You can register until 10.30h.


Isi from Cwali

At the Ducosim conventie I played a new game from Corné van Moorsel: Isi. It is a two-player game and the gametime is between 20 and 30 minutes. It's one of the nicest two-players games I've played recently. At the start of the game a landscape is made of 33 cards. 8 of them are cities, the other ones are divided in 5 colors. All cards (except the cities) get 2 coloured cubes on them in their own color. The players move their pawn from card to card. If there are cubes, they take one. This is the information gathering of the terrain. With this information the players can build roads between the cities. The color of the cubes determines on which cards you can build. A route has to be a complete one between 2 cities. In each cities you place a house for every city it is connected with. As soon as the last cube of one color is taken, the game ends and the winner can be determined. The city with the most houses is the capital and the player who has connected the most cities to the capital has won the game. In case of a tie, the player who connected the most cities wins or the player with the most roadparts wins. I liked it very much. Corné has made 200 copies of this game for Essen and it will cost 35 DM. You get the game in a cylinder, coloured gamecards, wooden houses, coloured cubes in 5 colors and coloured roads in 2 colors. Don't miss it !



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