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Spiel Essen 1999 Impression - October 21-24

Fridaymorning I left for Essen. At 10 o'clock I arrived, just as the gamefair opened. At first I went to Cwali to see if there was still a copy of Isi available. Corné had sold a lot on thursday, but there were still enough copies. Wortelboer was sold out on Thursday and Roads & Boats was selling very well, despite the high prize. The gamefair was as expected. Big and lots of opportunities to play. No surprises though. All the news was available on the internet. On the second hand market there were lots of games. I had an appointment to get a copy of McMulti. It wasn't cheap, but it isn't easy to find.


Thousands of games on the second hand market.

I started my tour around the gamefair to compare prizes. Soon it showed that Die Sternenfahrer everywhere cost DM 78, but in combination with other games you could make a good deal. All the prizes were rather low, but of course I had to make a choice between all the games. I bought some new games and a lot of older games, because they are rather prizy in the Netherlands. Expedition of Queen Games cost DM 28 on the second hand market, but you could buy it new for DM 20 ! I had to leave other games, like Anno 1452, Ra, Chinatown, Putsch, Battlemist and Disk Wars. I bought only one deck of Zoon too. I like to try the new games like NY Chase, Andromeda and Stephenson's Rocket before buying. They will be available in the Netherland, but I think they will be a lot more expensive. I had to carry a lot of games with me and am eager to play them soon.


Nice sceneries fitting with the theme of the game.

Some of the games I played on the gamefair are Black Mordred and Zoon. Black Mordred is a game from Warfrog and is designed for 4 players. It plays rather quick and easy, with a lot of luck. It still is fun to play. The players try to expand their territory and also protect it against the Black Mordred. Those are expanding too depending on the actions of the players. At the end of the game the expansion of the players is compared to the expansion of The Black Mordred. If The Black Mordred won, the player who contributed the least to this expansion will win the game, if the players have won, the player with the most terrirtory will win the game. Zoon is a cardgame (non-collectible) in which each player has a fantasy-army with different powers and possibilities. It's between Chess and Stratego in a fantasy setting. In each game there are 2 complete armies and there are different decks for sale.


Black Mordred (Warfrog)

I also met a lot of people with whom I had a little talk. For instance Mik Svellov from the Danish site Brett & Board. Erno Eekelschot from the Dutch gameshop The Joker, who was selling Lords of Creation and demonstrating Black Mordred. Karin Hallebeek from Jumbo was of course in Essen too. She told me that Jumbo next year has a game of Reiner Knizia with a real countdown auctionclock in it: The autcioneers of Amsterdam. The day went by much to fast and I had to go home again. I'm looking forward to next year already (and I can save money in the meantime).

More pictures !

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