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(13K) Some of games were supported by well-designed sceneries.


(16K) NY Chase from Ravensburger is the sequel to Scotland Yard. The rules are mostly the same, but the possibilities are different because of the different map.


(14K) The fantasy part of the gamefair had the right sphere.


(13K) Everywhere there were tables with people playing and even on the ground. Does that mean that there is not enough space ? Furthermore most people come in groups who want to play a new game together. It's not always easy to find groups which need another player.


(12K) A prototype of Tadsch Mahal. The game will be available next year. It is designed for 3 to 5 players by Reiner Knizia and illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel.


(21K) Live RoboRally. It looked nice, but played slow. The teams each had a player on the board and a player planning the cards. The players on the board had shooting toyguns.


(18K) Stephenson's Rocker, a traingame from Reiner Knizia. In the Netherlands 999Games will sell it. I haven't been able to play it unfortunately.


(13K) Zoon, a non-collectble cardgame in with each player leads an army. It's a bit between Chess and Stratego, but with no gameboard.

Impression of Essen

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